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Malmö 1920
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Interview with goalkeeper Fadama
2019-10-16 13:10
Paulinus "Fadama" Dorzia in action

Welcome back to the football pitch, how was the feeling?

- It was a great feeling, I was worried about if I should feel pain but I didn’t feel anything during the game.

How long have you been injured and where?
- I have been injured for one and half year in the knee (korsband and menisken), so this was the first game.


We met Halmia last Saturday in your comeback and won with 5-3, what is your thoughts about the game?

- Well it was my first game and I was expecting to do a lot better than letting 3 goals in…ha-ha

First goal was a shot from the side and that shot touched our defender a little when he tried to block the shot so I was a little out of position there.

Second goal was after a corner, I thought I had the ball but I am a little rusty and the shot went in.

Third goal was nothing I could do about, it was a cross and Halmia player hit the ball from the opposite side I was coming from so nothing to do about that.

Overall, it was a good game from the boys where they showed a great fighting spirit and we kept us to the plan and did a hard work.


I interviewed Coach Anders last week and he said that he really likes your talk from the goal, comments?

- Yes, that is my best quality as a goalkeeper, you could have agility, fast reactions and good footwork but if you don’t talk to your defence, they are lost sometimes.

In addition, when they don’t listen, I will be pissed-off!


Can a goalkeeper talk too much?

- Yes, he can talk too much, it’s good to say like “go left”, “go right”, “go up” to the defenders but sometimes when you get emotional or frustrated you can say too much thing, like “passed the ball” and that kind of unnecessary things.


What is your favourite expression?

- It is to say positive things like “come on” “let the ball run”


What do you think of BK Olympics season?

- We have good team spirit, we are much disciplined and we have good young players who are ready to take chances, so I am not surprised.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

- I am 26 years old and I started to play football in Ghana at home with my friends. After that, I started to play in an academy in Ghana named Golden Boot Academy. I came to Sweden 2013 when I was 19 years old and I started to play with BW90 and after that I moved to Prespa Birlik and now I am here in BK.


Five questions

Neuer or Ter Stegen

Dog or Cat

Movie or Serie (Game of Thrones)

Hockey or Handball

Superhero - Superman


Now we should play a qualifying match against Grebbestad away on “konstgräs”

What do you think about the game?

- We have both natural grass and “konstgräs” here on Lindängens IP, but I feel that we are a lot better in playing on“konstgräs” we have won a lot of matches on “konstgräs”. We need to stay focused, play disciplined, listen to our coach and fight fight fight to somebody drops dead! 

We want to make history for ourselves and for the club by go to division 1 for the first time in the clubs history.


 What do you think the score will be?

 - We will win with 3-0 and I hope for a clean sheet for the goalkeeper!


BK Olympic website thanks Fadama for the interview and wish him good luck in the future.

Grebbestads IF - BK Olympic 

Lördag 19/10 kl. 14:00
Sparvallen i Tanumshede

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